The cub hemmed and hawed over the pictures and diagrams she may have pilfered while Leonardo was asleep to amuse herself.

So they have bones here… and they are this shape. Muscles that way so. That’s why they move like that like she had seen…okay. She could do this.

Shapeshifting was dangerous. An impressive skill with much training but if done incorrectly…

Many cubs have been rushed to hospital because of mistakes.

She decided to keep somethings she was too scared to change like her ears, small spines, hands, feet, horns and tail. They were delicate parts of her anatomy and she didn’t want to hurt herself changing them or casting them off in some cases. Mother had told her horror stories from her days as a medical officer. Still experimentation, albeit under supervision, was encouraged.

The cub squeezed her eyes shut in focus, gritting her teeth as she willed her body to change.

My gods it was painful the first time. Tears leaking out of scrunched up eyes which were changing. Fur receded into the lightly tanned skin she’d seen the other people sport, mane became soft chocolate hair framing her face.

Her now human face.

When the pain stopped and Magolor was done gasping for air she looked at her hands. They were still paw like but the digits were longer, less callused, more human. A fine dusting of blue fur still lingered. Her feet were unchanged and so was her tail. She blinked her new eyes, adjusting to the new form of motion quickly with help from her tail for balance. Her ears and horns were still there as were the double row of spines running down her back but it was a fairly good shapeshift for her age. Others her age would’ve managed a full shift by now but Magolor had never been the best at such a skill.

Her tongue ran over her teeth, canines pronounced and the teeth in general still rather sharp but she had done her best with what she had learnt watching Leonardo walk and how he talked and smiled as he went about his day.

Wanting to show off her skill she shook the man, giving him a beaming smile when his eyes opened.

Was he proud of her?

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Steak-Cheese Sandwich

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